startup developer team in an office

Supporting Startups with Mobile App Dev Talent

We have CV's from experienced and agile coders, UI/UX designers and project managers as well as junior developers seeking jobs with startups around the world. Particularly in London.

It takes a particularly strong, focused, agile mindset to jump into the sometimes chaotic world of the fired-up, excited, passionate Tech Startup. Decisions are sometimes last-minute, deadlines fast and numerous, with plenty at stake. Ideas can be ripped up, minds changed and agendas reversed. An agile mindset can cope with this and not take it personally.

We have mobile app developers seeking opportunities with startups.

This adrenaline fuelled work-place is not for all developers. But some love this existence and is the reason they are developers; embracing the long hours, uncertainty and risk, with an agile mindset.

However overriding this chaos is the quiet understanding and desire they could be involved in the next big idea. The big idea that changes everything, disrupts a market and reinvents a culture. Maybe even changing lives. What's not to love?

In our community at DevsAssemble are members who thrive in this environment and are actively seeking placements with tech startups.

We can also put together a team for your project; Junior/Senior Developer, UI/UX Designer and a project manager. Working either remotely or on-site.

We will only forward the right skillset and mindset for the challenge you set.

Drop us a line, let us do the rest.