SwiftUI Bootcamp – London

After the exciting and surprise announcement at WWDC 2019 of a major Swift update, we are pleased to announce the first comprehensive SwiftUI bootcamp in London. Learn from experienced tutors and seasoned developers who were invited to, and attended WWDC 2019. Your chance to discover and learn everything they know!

Guided hands-on experience with SwiftUI and the latest frameworks introduced by Apple for iOS 13, WatchOS 6 and more.

Four focused hands-on workshops, spread over one day, will shine a light on the latest Swift framework announcements from WWDC 2019. Ensure you're up-to speed to confidently develop using these new tools.

  1. SwiftUI - Get started.
  2. SwiftUI - Using Combine and Creating Custom Views
  3. ARKit 3 - Introduction to RealityKit and Reality Composer
  4. CoreML 3 - Using the latest on-device ML technology

All sessions include support.

Skill-up quickly.

It's a kick start event to put you ahead, give you confidence and learn from others.

Who is this for:

All Junior and Senior iOS and Android Developers ready to learn and dive deep into the Apple environment.
It will be an intensive introduction to the new frameworks announced at WWDC19 and the latest Swift 5.1 features.

This SwiftUI bootcamp isn't suitable for developers new to Swift and Xcode.

Why attend?

This paradigm shift towards the new declarative syntax might be difficult to understand from watching tutorial videos. So the SwiftUI bootcamp will provide you with supported training and professional development. In depth hands-on workshops with others will allow you to ask questions, discuss ideas and share thoughts. If you want, sign-up with colleagues and learn as teams. Contact Oscar here and discuss discounts for block bookings of five or more.


9.30am - 5.30pm on either Saturday 19th or Sunday 20th October 2019. When Swift 5.1 is supposed to be out of Beta.


The venue is in London. A four minute walk from London Bridge or a ten minute walk from Waterloo station. Please bring your Mac laptop and an iOS device.


£195.00 per person. Includes all you can drink coffee, breakfast and a good lunch.


portrait of Domenico Tangredi

Domenico Tangredi
Domenico is a PhD engineer who works as a Coding Teacher at the Apple Developer Academy in Naples, a partnership between the University of Naples Federico II and Apple. Domenico has always been fascinated by the integration of humanities and technology. His main areas of interest are innovative ways of learning to code and developers' soft skills empowerment.

portrait of Moritz Philip Recke

Giovanni Monaco
Giovanni is a telecommunication engineer and iOS Developer. After working in the telecoms industry, he decided to transform his passion for app development into a full-time job. Today, he is a teacher at the Apple Developer Academy in Naples, guiding and encouraging students to bring their ideas to life, building apps that will change the world.

portrait of Moritz Philip Recke

Moritz Philip Recke
Moritz Philip has Dipl. Ing. degree in Media Technology and a M.A. in Next Media. For over 12 years he worked as an engineer, consultant and digital media industry executive and has published more than 100+ iOS apps since 2009. As a Coding Teacher at the Apple Developer Academy in Naples, he focusses on iOS Core Frameworks, networking and server side development with Swift.

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