Multi-cam support now available in iOS 13 – WWDC 2019

At WWDC 2019 Apple introduced multi-cam support for iPhone and iPad. This potentially fun feature of iOS 13 will allow developers to release apps that stream video, photos or audio, from both the front-facing and rear cameras simultaneously.

Configure multiple microphones and shape the sound that is captured.

According to Apple this feature has been requested for years from the developer community, however hardware restrictions have prevented its implementation. Now the API’s are available in iOS 13, but only for iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, and iPad Pro. Clearly this feature set requires a lot of power.

Multi-cam recordings could be used in a variety of ways; in educational apps as a quick way to comment on a science experiment as it happens; for Vloggers on YouTube to add video commentary to action as it happens, or great for sporting events when you can’t recreate the action for the audience so the live element is crucial.

Use multi-cam support with AR kit and create games with more levels of interactivity, generating more exciting experiences for the user and further feedback possibilities.

Being able to upload the recorded video instantly to a Blog, VLE or YouTube will need to be considered as a key feature of any app that uses Multi-Cam recording.

Everyone is a pundit!

This could also encourage new platforms for gamers filming themselves and commenting on the game action.
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