Why sign-up to DevsAssemble?

DevsAssemble will be a focused iOS app community, connecting iOS developers with UI designers, AR developers, project managers and more. Since working at the Apple iOS developer Academy in Naples, I've seen first hand the fantastic apps that are created when coders and designers work closely together as a team. Creating a unique, delightful and magical user experience is key to the success of any app.

Can I build teams within DevsAssemble?

Yes. Create a team that has worked on past projects together. Or put together a new team made up of the right skill sets for particular projects. Maybe a team for mobile game app projects or another team for AR medical projects. The more teams with different skill sets the better.

Can I use the community to test a new app?

Yes, of course. Feedback is so important when creating and developing.

What future developments will I see on DevsAssemble?

There will soon be a jobs board. Companies who need your skills will post job descriptions and specifications, these will only be viewable by the community.

Many more features to follow.

When will the jobs board be live?

We aim to launch the jobs board by the beginning of November 2018. An area for business to post job offers. Project based and on-site permanent positions..

Will I be charged as a developer or designer for signing up and using this community?

Not for the first 24 months. We will review this in September 2020. Until then, this is free service for the coding and design community to build teams and for us to give you support and help you develop your careers.

Will developers and designers be charged a percentage of any fees earned?

No. We won't take a chunk or a percentage of the money you've earned from a project.

We will offer businesses and anyone wanting an iOS app or mobile game made, a pricing structure to find and hire developers, designers and teams on DevsAssemble.

Can I invite other talented iOS coders and designers to the community?

Yes you can. Please bare in mind, we want to focus on all things Swift and iOS.