Could AR change the way we use our iPhone?

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ARKIT2 for augmented reality

ARKit 2 is the updated version of Apple's augmented reality software development toolkit. Now iOS app developers and UI/UX designers working with Swift can add important and exciting new features to AR apps. For augmented reality developers, these four main updates to ARKit 2 are both exciting and crucial to AR app development.

With the new AR Kit 2 the possibilities are endless. For all categories of apps, whether it be games and entertainment or health and medical apps, this update changes everything. The way we interact with our iPhone could change forever.

Why? Because the camera on our iPhones is the feature we use the most. Using AR the camera could give us information we require, instantly.

Have you used the iPhone camera app on a QR code? This is a little known feature that arrived in iOS 11. Try it. Now multiply that experience by everything. A business card could contain so much more information, than is printed on it. This information can easily be updated and the business card stay the same.

These are the four main exciting improvements that are are all part of version 2.0 of ARKit.

Object detection

Whilst ARKit 1.5 added 2D image detection support, allowing an AR experience to be triggered by 2D images such posters, artwork, or signs, ARKit 2 has extended this support in order to offer full 2D image tracking, allowing the incorporation of movable objects like product boxes or magazines into your AR experience. ARKit 2 also adds the capability to detect known 3D objects like sculptures, toys, or furniture.


The first of these improvements is USDZ, a new file format developed by Apple and Disney’s Pixar for ARKit to make it easier to create and share augmented reality content. The new format will be supported natively by Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite of software to allow for compatibility with common programs like Photoshop.

Shared AR experiences

ARKit 2 means AR apps are no longer limited to just one user or device participating in an AR experience. Now multiple users are able to use their iOS devices to share AR experiences or play multiplayer games. ARKit 2 even allows audiences to spectate AR games being played by multiple participants.

Persistent AR experiences

Another feature of ARKit 2 is that apps can now provide AR experiences that not only persist, but can also be resumed at a later time.

I’m sure you’re as excited as we are! Object detection has huge potential for all areas of business, entertainment, education and health.

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